Stretch the Net for Utah’s Uninsured

gentlemanAccording to the latest data from the Utah Department of Health, 11.6% of Utahns are still uninsured, despite full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Families who are uninsured stand a much greater risk of struggling with mental health problems. If you’ve ever experienced depression or anxiety, you can understand how difficult it would be to maintain employment, be there for your family, and improve your situation if your symptoms were left unchecked.

The Polizzi Clinic operates within a network of dedicated organizations that provide a safety net of health services for low-income uninsured Utahns in the Salt Lake valley. Patients who present with mental health difficulties at free clinics like Maliheh Clinic and Hope Clinic are able to receive specialized psychiatric care at no cost at the Polizzi Clinic.

Within an average of 6-8 visits, patients are stabilized and able to transition back to primary care, where their physician can maintain medications and keep an eye on symptoms.

The Polizzi Clinic is the only such free psychiatric clinic in the state. Help us stretch the net and please consider supporting our incredible partners as well.

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